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 Schedule a demo – Our experts will show you how our roof models make your claims processing job faster and easier.

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Use your email address and create a password to access your new Geospan account. We’ll add 100 FREE credits to your account so you can experience the power of Geospan yourself.

Let’s Get Started: Schedule a demo

Schedule a 20-minute demo with our team to walk through gPro. You’ll see how it integrates with your Verisk Xactimate account for seamless and efficient claims processing.

Now’s the time to give gPro a try. Check out the unique features and how they can make your job easier, plus increase your productivity in the field or your office.

  • Xactimate + Geospan: With our Verisk integration, gPro technology is specifically designed to streamline your workflow. Improved speed and accuracy of claims processing means faster response time, happier customers, and less work for you.

  • Seamless Access: Our platform is easy to use. Wherever you are — on-site, in the office, or on the move — you can generate detailed roof models from any device.

  • Effortless Roof Modeling: A few clicks, and you’ll have a precise, accurate roof model that can greatly increase the speed and efficiency of your roof estimates.