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It seems like only a few short years ago that Cities and Counties recognized the need for GIS systems and accurate orthophotography. No longer are the users of aerial photography confined to the limited perspective of straight down imagery. Now, oblique aerial imagery has become even more important in support of city and county operations. The market is quickly demanding the contextual value of oblique views with the location accuracy that they are accustomed to with orthophotography. As a pioneer in the delivery of spatially accurate imagery, expect GEOSPAN to fulfill this demand an affordable price.

GEOVISTA® camera systems for light aircraft contain five digital cameras pointing forward, back, right, left and down. The nadir image is used to create a conventional digital orthophoto. In a single flight, enough imagery is captured to offer 360° viewing of 12 to 24 different oblique views of every location with a pixel resolution of 3” to 6” providing a tremendous amount of visual detail.


Direct Image Measurement

GEOSPAN is the source of oblique aerial imagery that supports the ability to determine GPS coordinate locations from oblique imagery without the need for a Digital Terrain Model (DTM). Click on the links below to learn more about GEOSPAN ’s patented methodologies applied to oblique aerial imagery.

Understanding Oblique Aerial Imagery

GEOVISTA® Direct Image Measurement

The GEOVISTA® Application Program Interface (API) brings the capability to view GEOVISTA® Imagery into common GIS systems for display and measurement by end users. Click here to learn more about accessing GEOVISTA® Oblique Aerial imagery through your GIS system.


Save Time

GEOVISTA® imagery allows you to see a given location quickly. Whether an emergency has occurred or you are just trying to be more effective.


Reduce Costs

Having images of every neighborhood can reduce the number of actual site visits. This reduces travel costs and saves valuable time and money.Make Better Decisions

When a trip to the field is not timely or possible, GEOVISTA® imagery lets you immediately view and inspect the subject property, street, or infrastructure. This allows you to make more informed decisions without having to leave the office.


Save Lives

With GEOVISTA® imagery, emergency dispatchers have the visual information available and can describe obstructions and dangerous situations to ambulances, fire fighters, and police in route to a life-threatening situation.

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