GeoVista® technology is used to create spatially accurate imagery under US Patent Number 5,633,946. This patent describes the company’s method and apparatus for collecting direct georeferenced imagery and a survey technique known as Direct Image Photogrammetric Measurement. Patents also issued in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Direct Image Measurement

Direct Image Photogrammetric Measurement enables a paradigm shift in the use of cameras for surveying. The concept implements rapid close range surveys with multiple high-resolution cameras to obtain superior levels of detail. Image orientation data is captured in real time at the same instant images are captured. A database of these survey ready images can then be accessed at the desktop where any object can be visually quantified and its exact geo-position determined. This capability to capture and survey massive amounts of data from the air and ground is viewed by the GIS community as a vital step toward eliminating the GIS data bottleneck.

GeoVista® Solution

Unlike traditional stereophotogrammetric systems, it is unnecessary to have two cameras pointed in the same direction to capture image overlap. The multiple cameras of non-coplanar systems provide better detail and the multiple views from different perspectives serves to improve accuracy. Any two images from the same or different cameras that view the same object can be used to determine the object’s location. For example, an object seen in both an image taken from a GEOVAN and an image taken from an airplane can be surveyed using Direct Image Photogrammetric Measurement techniques.

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