Realize Potential with Accurate Spatial Intelligence.

Managing Property Information in the Field or Your Desk.

Geospan offers a growing portfolio of technically innovative and practical products based on its patented 4D GIS intellectual property. Geospan leverages its thirty-years of experience and technological advancements for government, construction, insurance and public security.  

Our time has come. We have reached the valuable intersection of Geospan intellectual property and recent industry advances in image technology. The availability of high resolution imagery, Ai, big data, high speed computing and the capability to create 3D models in real-time with mobile devices, enables the management of real estate changes over time with accuracy never previously possible. This has ramifications for measurement, modeling and property assessment.

Property Assessment Solutions for Government, Contractors & Adjusters.

Build Roofing Estimates Fast & Close Sales Faster.


gSquare PRO 3D Models for Measuring  
  • Order models in less than 5 minutes and receive your fully interactive 3D model in a few hours.
  • 3D Models are overlaid on aerial imagery and include dimensions, area and slope.
Close Sales Efficiently  
  • Impress customers with images and proposals that are done quickly and accurately.
  • Close the deals at your first visit with more complete pre-sale information and design images.
  • Contractors find out how we can help you business.  


Ensuring Property Records are Correct.

Sketch Verification and Correction

  • Verify that a property’s footprint and total living area match tax records.
  • Audit county sketches, correct and help update CAMA valuation records.

Identify Parcel Changes Over Time

  • Detect change and improvements to structures, that affect a property valuation.
  • Geospan offers assessors a change detection solution called GeoAssist to help manage parcel changes.

GIS Technology Has Changed Appraisal Workflows

  • GeoAssist integrates ortho and oblique imagery with county records to identify tax revenue leakage.

Insurance Adjuster

3D Lets Adjusters Respond to Claims Accurately.

Customer Care

  • Remote imagery, and accurate measurements, make it easier to support customers.

Process Claims Quicker

  • Geospan provides key property attributes remotely so adjusters can assign the right inspection resources.

Get Up-To-Date

  • Information Up-to-date U.S. ultra-high resolution images are available on any desktop or mobile device.
  • Identify steep or complex roofs before an inspection.
  • Get key property attributes on demand.