GeoAssist Identifies Inaccurate Parcel Data

GeoAssist’s set of features, options and tools make it the most versatile change management solution on the market by allowing you to virtually audit your property tax records. GeoAssist provides customizable service options to offer a best-in-class solution for desktop appraisals.

True Change Detection Is More Than Just Comparing Pictures…it’s a process

GeoAssist is the only valuation change detection solution that compares current structure footprints to what is on the county’s tax records.

Sketch Verification

Geospan overlays county sketches onto high resolution imagery and compares whats on record to what is on the ground.

We Verify Sketch Matches Structure

Change Detection

We validate the sketch or identify mismatched or missing sketches. We can correct or create sketches as needed.

We Identify Missing Data

Valuation Analysis

Once sketches are corrected or changes have been identified, the value of each change can be viewed in GeoAssist.

We Analyze the Value

GeoAssist Featured Services

#1 Change Management Solution

Analyze property information from GeoAssist’s verifiable structural wire-frames extracted by Geospan’s proprietary technology. Assessors can easily ingest imagery and property characteristics directly into their CAMA systems.

GeoAssist Core Benefits

Save time, save money and reduce risk. GeoAssist integrates ortho & oblique imagery with county records to identify tax revenue leakage using our advanced technology. With GeoAssist, auditing and verifying tax roll data is simple.

  • GeoAssist offers a valuation change detection solution
    that increases productivity and reduces field visits.

  • High resolution imagery helps assessors manage where
    changes to parcel footprints have occurred over time

  • Desktop review software identifies building dimension
    errors while adding value to the tax rolls

  • Accurately verify what is actually on the parcel for fair
    and equitable assessments

  • GeoAssist allows accessors to audit values to changes in
    a geospatial editing environment