Geospan offers a growing portfolio of technologically forward products based on patented GIS intellectual property to bring solutions to government and industries like construction and insurance. Geospan is thirty years old, but is currently enjoying a surge in success due to maturation of other technology like AI, high speed computing and data management. The increased speed and capability has made Geospan’s intellectual property increasingly useful for both private and public organizations. For more information on Geospan go to our Company pages on our website.

Geospan 4D is an online tool for measuring, estimating, designing and managing roof repairs. Geospan 4D uses current hi-resolution aerial photography and patented technology to build accurate interactive 3D roof models. The models are overlaid the photography and used to measure pitch, area, penetrations and other features. Choices for materials and pricing can be made based on contractors modifying the models with visual tools that allow them to choose color, shingles etc. Estimates, bills of materials, labor costs, visual tools and choices for the contractor and customer can all be done with in Geospan 4D in a timely and cost efficient manner. For more information on Geospan 4D go to the 4D pages on our website.

For Geospan 4D, start here

Signing up for a Geospan account takes less than two minutes. Getting your first models and measurements is as simple as entering the address of the property. To order a 4D Roof Model click here to get started,

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GeoAssist, the tools and the data are available through our knowledgable sales staff. Please contact us at 1-1-(800)-GEOSPAN to get started.

How will I know my order is completed/ready?   

You will receive an email notification when your model is ready. You can also check your Geospan 4D dashboard and history to see the status of your job.

How do I contact Support? 

You can call us directly at sales@geospan.com or call at 1-(800) GEOSPAN.

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Residential 1-12 Facets $39.00

13-24 Facets $69.00

25+ Facets $89.00

Low Slope/Flat$99.00

Multi-Family Call 1(800) GEOSPAN

To order a 4D Roof Model click here to get started

For Geospan 4D, contact us here.