Realize Potential with Accurate Spatial Intelligence

Determine & Maintain Replacement Values with Pinpoint Accuracy

Better Coverage and Less Risk

GeoAssist uses high resolution imagery to create extremely accurate 3D models for accurate valuation of replacement costs for carriers. Ongoing change notifications ensure that valuations and premiums are adjusted on a timely basis

  • Prevent premium leakage by accurately verifying what is on the property
  • Reduce risk of fraud with accurate, defensible data
  • Work remotely to gather photos and measurements of properties saving money and time while increasing productivity
  • Have greater understanding of the property using high resolution photography and Geospan 3D models
  • Access to historical 3D models and property data for more immediate response to customers after catastrophic events
  • New aerial imagery is acquired for each catastrophic event
  • “GeoPixel for Insurance” – mobile field application including data collection, change management and valuation tools