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Aerial Imagery That Drives Actionable Insights

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Property Change Detection

Property change detection using high resolution imagery

Roofing estimation tools

Up-to-Date Interactive 4D Models for Accurately Estimating Roofs.


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GIS Applications That Cover Diverse Markets

With a rich 30-year history of innovation to its credit, Geospan’s patented technologies provide remote geospatial property information management from the desktop or the field.

Geospan augments its solutions with remote data analytics services to contractors, insurance claims adjusters, underwriters, appraisers, local governments and the real estate market.
Its patented technologies turn imagery and raw data into insights so clients can confidently make well-informed business decisions.


Sketch Verification and Correction.

Verifying a property’s footprint and total living area match what is in the tax records is critical to ensuring fair tax equalization for every property owner. Geospan can provide county assessors with an audit of county sketches, make corrections and help update CAMA valuation records.


Change Detection and Management.

Improvements to structures, such as addictions, affects a property’s valuation. Often, assessors don’t have the resources to catch these changes and over time can lead to a substantial amount of leakage on a county’s tax role. Geospan offers assessors a change detection solution called GeoAssist to help manage parcel changes.

Geospan is helping industries looking to geospatial technology to help with virtual property assessments.

GIS Technology Has Changed Appraisal Workflows

Save time, save money and reduce risk. GeoAssist integrates ortho & oblique imagery with county records to identify tax revenue leakage using our advanced technology. With GeoAssist, auditing and verifying tax roll data is simple.

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