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Geospan gPro Delivers Current Imaging & Precise Measurement

Order Measurements, Estimate & Quote Roof Repairs Accurately & Quickly. Geospan uses current aerial photography and patented technology to build 99% accurate 3D roof models that display material, area, pitch, and edge measurements. gPro models are interactive, letting you and your prospect visually explore various design and material options in real-time. Giving both the contractor and their customers the confidence to move forward.

Geospan gPro Delivers Current Imaging & Precise Measurement

Geospan's gPro Models leverage a combination of oblique and orthographic photography in conjunction with highly precise Digital Surface Models (DSM) to create the most accurate roof measurements available. Geospan interactive models, along with current aerial images captured from essential perspectives, offer valuable insights into project sites that would be otherwise inaccessible without physically visiting the location.

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Geospan Patented Aerial Roof Measurements

Geospan’s tried and tested patents provide sound, defended partnering and licensing opportunities for industry and government alike. Our intellectual property, combined with recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, alongside the rapid progress in high-speed computing and data management, provide innovative productivity solutions with the potential for global significance. Discover how our three decades of expertise in spatial computing can propel your venture to new heights.

Providing Counties & Insurance with Property Models, 4D Analytics & Change Management Solutions.

GeoAssist, by Geospan, delivers remote digital solutions aimed at enhancing and optimizing government operations and assessments. GeoAssist offers both desktop and mobile tools designed for the collection and analysis of parcel data, ensuring accuracy and facilitating change detection and management. Geospan's intellectual property makes them singular in their ability to gather precise property intelligence that is actionable for counties and insurance companies across the United States.

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